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Trade Rules

If you are interested in trading send me your list, or a
link to your site.

1) If you contact me first, then you MUST send first.
If we have traded before we can send at the same time.

2) Use a good quality DVD's such a Sony, TDK, Fuji,
Maxell, Ritek, etc. NO PRINCO.

3) Do NOT write on the DVD. Use paper or DVD sleeves.
You MUST include complete info such as City, Date, etc.

4) I only trade DVD for DVD (disc for disc). Example:
If a concert you want is 2 DVD's I pick 2 DVD from you.

5) I send 1st. class I expect the same in return.
Priority mail is OK, but I only send first class!
Absolutely NO media mail.



Este sitio se dedica exlusivamente al intercambio de shows de musica en DVD

This site is only dedicated to the trade of music shows on DVD

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